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It's A Beautiful Wound


Written & performed by Rich Orloff, It’s a Beautiful Wound is the true story of Rich's adventures in psychedelic-assisted underground therapy using MDMA (a.k.a. Ecstasy) and psilocybin mushrooms, inspired by cutting-edge experiments to help people heal from deep psychological wounds. It’s a tale of one person's journey towards reconciliation with the soul, with a slight detour for an appendectomy. And maybe a few wise-ass comments along the way.

Inspired by the monologues of Spalding Gray and Mike Daisey, It’s a Beautiful Wound is designed to appeal to both the heart and the mind. There have been many lectures about psychedelic-assisted therapy by researchers and academics, but they usually describe the results and not the internal journey. It’s a Beautiful Wound takes the audience through the experience with Rich, in an honest, vivid and compelling way.


After sold-out performances at the Workshop Theater in New York City and a presentation at Montclair Psychedelic Society in New Jersey…

It's a

will be performed
October 25 – 28
at New Circle Theatre Company
in Manhattan.
Showtimes are Thu – Fri – Sat at 7 pm,
and Sat & Sun at 3 pm.

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Rich Orloff

about Rich Orloff

Rich Orloff is a playwright (mostly) and performer (occasionally).

As a playwright: Rich is one of the most popular unknown playwrights in the country. The New York Times called his play Big Boys “rip-roaringly funny” and named his comedy Funny as a Crutch as a Critic’s Pick. His comedic revue Romantic Fools has had over 100 productions around the world, including two productions in Madrid, where apparently they’re no better at romance than we are. His 15 other full-length plays (mostly comedies, mostly award-winning) have had over 300 productions around the world.

Author of over 80 short plays, Rich’s short works have had more than 1,800 productions on six of the seven continents - and a staged reading in Antarctica. His short comedies have been published seven times in the annual Best American Short Plays series (more than any other contemporary playwright) and in numerous other anthologies, including the bilingual collection An Anthology of Contemporary American Plays, published in China.

As a performer: Years ago, Rich acted in a community theater production of You Can’t Take It With You, playing the role of a repressed banker. He was horribly miscast.


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